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We optimise your event - We optimise your Catering

We understand by optimisation an improvement of a process or state with regard to quality, costs, speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

By he optimisation of the Catering becomes the quality of the Caterings, the costs of the Caterings, the speed of the service and the kitchen, the efficiency and the effectiveness of your Caterings and with it of your whole event are optimised.

In practice an Ist analysis occurs within the scope of the optimisation of the Catering around the status of the running project to investigate. The ascertained values are complemented within the scope of the project success if necessary and are checked. As a result the attempts of the Catering optimisation occur.

In arrangement with the customer the main focus of the optimisation of the Caterings is determined, because every event requires own beginning.
Thus an optimisation of your Catering is to be considered by a product presentation or press presentation concerning the quality; a refreshment bar or dinner with talking and show inserts must be optimised above all concerning the temporal frame which also an expiry optimisation contain.
A Salex-Catering is optimised by mevess concerning the efficiency.

Today with all projects above all the optimisation of the Caterings concerning the costs plays a big role. This is considered with every project according to the need and budget of the customer.
We also offer a pure cost optimisation of the Cateringcosts which is asked very often and is moved by us taking into account Qualtiät, efficiency and expiry.

Last there matters the question of the effectiveness of the Caterings. That is which value has the Catering on my event. Is the Catering itself the event? According to aim pursuit it is optimally optimised by mevess.

mevess optimise your event.

Appeal to us!

We provide to you with pleasure a non-binding offer with short analysis and indicate to you the potential of a successful Catering-Optimasation.


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