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Finally, an event with draught of the event agency mevess berlin

mevess, your successful marketing & event agency.

One of our strengths also consists in offering complete solutions to the customer and in forming everything from a hand from the planning up to the successful realisation of a project.
With this draught mevess is also cost-sided an unrivaled partner for bigger and smaller events.
Your images and our ideas form a draught. Besides, we carry out the following points:
- Need analysis
- Target group analysis
- Examination of the ideas
- Elaboration of the ideas
- Objective of the event
- Budget definition

We offer you specialised solutions and strategies for your event.

Place by professional draught development and the project management - from the planning up to the conversion - on mevess and realise the aims of your event:
- Image education for your enterprise
- Profile education
- Motivation of your employees
- Inducement to buy creates
- Sales support
- etc.

mevess provides your draught!



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